Stirebuild uses the plugin Towny.
Towny like the names says can be used to create towns and join other towns.

Terms that are used in this text:

  • Resident: Someone who is part of a town
  • Mayor: The leader of a Town
  • Assistant: Co-Mayor, has access to most Mayor commands
  • Friends: People on your friends list, they don’t have to be from the same town as you.
  • Outsiders: People that do not live in your town
  • Allies: Residents from allied towns in your Nation.

You can choose to join a existing town or create your own
Newbie players can’t start a town for themselves, but they can join another town.

If you want to join a town, then you must be invited by that town.
Look below for Mayor commands.

A town has to pay a daily upkeep cost.
To pay this, mayors can set it so residents have to pay taxes.
The amount of taxes is set by the Mayor of the town.
When you can’t pay the taxes then you’re automatically kicked from the town.

You can also manually put money in your town’s bank.
You do this with /town deposit [money]
All residents can deposit money but only the Mayor can withdraw money.

Mayors can put plots of land for sale for residents to build on.
You can buy a plot by standing on it and using /plot claim
You can unclaim it with /plot unclaim

You can set the name of a plot you own by using
/plot set name [name]

You can allow other player to build on your plot by adding them to your friend list
You do this with /resident friend [add/remove] [player]
Those players do not need to be in the same town as you.

If you want to disscus something between town residents, then you can enter a private chat channel for your town.
You do this with /tc
If you want to disscus something in your Nation, then you use /nc 
If you want to return to normal chat, you use /g

/town [town] – Shows a towns status, if you don’t specify a town then if will show your own towns status
/town spawn – Return to your town’s home point
/town online – Shows all online players of the town
/town list – Returns a list of towns on the server
/town leave – Leave your current town

Mayor Commands:

If you want to create a town of your own
You can use the command: /town new [townname]
When you use this command, the chunk you stand in is automatically claimed.
So only use the command if you are standing at a spot you want to claim.
It costs 100 Credits to create a town.

You have to pay 10 Credits per day to keep up your town.
(It increases by 10 for every plot owned, so if you have 2 plots then you pay 20 Credits per day)
The money must be in your Towns bank.
You can deposit money to your Towns bank using /town deposit [money]
All residents of your town can deposit money but only the Mayor can withdraw money using /town withdraw [money]
If your town can’t pay the upkeep cost then it’s deleted.
You’ll be warned on login when there’s not enough money for next days upkeep costs in the bank.

You can claim land to increase the size of your town.
You can claim 4 chunks of land per resident of your town.
(A chunk is 16x16x256)
So if you’re the only member of your town then you can claim 4 chunks
You can claim land with the /town claim command
It costs 200 Credits per chunk.
You can unclaim land with /town unclaim.

You can buy bonus chunks in addition to the normal 4 chunks per resident.
You can buy a total of 10 bonus chunks
You do this with /town buy bonus [number of chunks]
It costs 750 Credits for the first chunk, and it increases per chunk.

To change the permissions of other residents such as building permissions
You can use the /town set perm [level] [type] [on/off] command.
Valid levels are: Resident, Ally, Outsider.
Valid Types are: build, destroy, switch, itemuse
/town set perm resident build off – Blocks residents from placing blocks in your town.
/town set perm outsider switch on – Allows outsiders to use chests, levers, etc

You can sell plots to other residents
You can put a plot for sale with /plot forsale [cost]
If you want to sell it for free, just use 0 for the cost
If you want to remove it from sale then you use /plot notforsale

If you want residents to only be able to build inside their own plot
Then you can sell them a plot and set the resident build and destroy permissions to off (See above)
This way they only have build permission inside their own plot

You can setup taxes that your players must pay daily.
You can do this with /town set taxes [money]
You can also set additional taxes for plot owners with
/town set plotprice [money]
Players who own a plot must then pay both normal taxes and plot taxes per plot owned.

If you want to promote a player to assistant
You can use the /town rank add/remove [resident] [rank]
Currently the only other rank available is Assistant.
Assistant are exempt from taxes and can use most Mayor commands.

/town [add/kick] [player] – Invite a player to your town or kick a player from your town.
/town set board [message] – Set a message your resident see on login
/town set mayor [player] – Assign a new Mayor for your town
/town set name [name] – Change your towns name
/town set tag [tag] – Set a short name for your town that appears next to your name in chat. (Max 4 letters) (Use clear instead of a name to clear it)
/town delete – Deletes your town


2 or more Towns can work together and create a Nation.
A Nation has a King instead of a Mayor.
You can create a Nation with /nation new {nation-name}
It costs 2000 Credits to create a Nation.
And it costs 100 Credits per day to keep the nation.
If this money can’t be payed, then the nation is removed.

You can then invite other towns with /nation add {town}
And kick them out of the nation with /nation kick {town}

The nation has a seperate bank that must be filled to pay the daily upkeep cost.
You can deposit money with /nation deposit [money] 
Like with Towns, only the King can withdraw money with /nation withdraw [money]

As king you can grand players names
You can set a prefix for players with /nation set title [player] [name]
You can set a suffix with /nation set surname [player] [name]

You can also make another nation your ally or your enemy
You can do this with /nation [ally/enemy] [add/remove] [nation]

You can tp to other towns in your nation or in a allied nation with
/town spawn [town]
It costs 5 Credits to teleport to a town in your nation and 10 Credits to teleport to a town in a allied nation.

/nation set king [player] – Assign a new King for your Nation
/nation set capital [town] – Change the capital of the Nation.
/nation set name [name] – Change the name of the Nation.
/nation set tag [tag] – Set a short name for your Nation that appears next to your name in chat. (Max 4 letters) (Use clear instead of a name to clear it)


A War event can be started between Nations.
The event has to be started by a Admin.
I’ll write more information about the War event some time in the future.

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