We are currently conducting a survey for the server.
We value your feedback, and would appreciate if you took a few moments to respond to some questions.

You can go to the survey either with the link from the popup which appears when you are on the site,
The text box at the bottom of your screen
With the Survey button above in the menu
Or by using /survey on the server


You can now buy more then just ranks in the webstore,

You can now buy

  • €5000 ingame money for $3,75
  • A level 10 knockback stick called The Poking Stick for $0,75
  • And custom amounts of money

There is going to be more added over the weeks,
If you have requests for things in the webshop, send it via
or use the /mail send raspen0 command ingame

Spigot 1.7

Stirebuild now runs on a expirimental 1.7.2 Spigot build

What this means is that you can now join with 1.7.2 clients but can’t place or craft blocks or use functions of 1.7.2

Once bukkit is updated to 1.7, then we will reset the map for 1.7 and then will you be able to use the new 1.7.2 fuctions on Stirebuild


We haven’t updated to 1.7 yet because the 1.7 version of bukkit is not yet released,

Once it is released, we will reset the server and start using the new spawn,

This means that all the inventories, money and worlds will be reset.


Stirebuild is now updated to 1.6.4

There are a couple of things that don’t work at the moment due to the update
The things that don’t work at the moment are
Mobcatcher, CraftingPlus and the /plot decorate command,
These will all be fixed in a while


I added a couple of things for Donators

You can craft a level 10 knockback stick called The Poking Stick of Justice

/fly for Donator_Premiun   (Is disabled in Skyblock and the Arena’s)

And new armor and tools for Donator+ and a version for Donator_Premium