1.12 Update

The server is now updated to 1.12.

The Survival world has also been reset.
There are a lot of changes like the new shop system and new plot plugin.
Here’s a overview of all the changes:

  • Updated to 1.12
  • New Shop System
    • You now need to unlock items by picking up, crafting or smelting one of them first before you can buy or sell them.
    • Added and removed a lot of items (If you want a item added to the shop then send it as a suggestion).
    • The Shops are now handled by my custom plugin so report any bugs you see.
    • The shop is now fully in both English and Dutch depending on your language setting.
    • All Enchants in the shop except Soul Eater now require Soul Points instead of Credits.
    • You now need to be at least a Expert to use the Enchantment Shop.
    • Moved the Soul Eater and Soul Protection enchantments to the Enchantment Shop.
    • Removed the Potion Shop
      • Will probably come back later.
    • Removed the Decoration Shop
      • It was a bit vague what items belonged in Building and which in Decoration.
    • Added a General Shop
      • There are items in this shop that don’t belong in the other shops.
    • Separated the Soul Points -> Credits Exchange Point from the Soul Shop.
  • Added Towny to /help.
  • Rank Changes
    • The ranks have been renamed:
      • Newbie -> Novice
      • Member stays the same
      • Member+ -> Expert
      • Elite -> Veteran
    • If you’ve played on the previous map, then your rank and time played will be applied when you join.
    • Moved over to a new permissions plugin
      • If you don’t have permission for something that you are supposed to have, please report it.
    • You now get colored fireworks when you rank up
      • The first color depends on the rank you got
      • The second color depends if you’re a Donator or not.
  • The Charm of Keeping now only works if you have it on your hotbar when you die.
  • Converted the plot world to a new plot plugin
    • For the new commands, check /help plots
    • All claimed plots will now have a quartz slab border, the unclaimed plots will still have the same border.
      • This helps see which plots are claimed.
    • Members and higher can now set time, weather and music for their plots.
    • You can now download plots to your PC as a .schematic file
      • These files are usable in programs like MCEdit.
    • You can now place Mob Heads again.
  • Added new Starter Packs for players of old maps.
    • You will get a different Starter Pack depending on how many previous worlds you’ve played.
    • Make the Durable Leather armor a bit stronger.
    • Added a new Reinforced Chainmail Armor Set for people who played on the previous 3 or 4 maps.
  • Temporarily disabled respawning at your bed.
    • This is due to a item duplication glitch.
    • It will be re-enabled when the glitch is fixed.
    • Don’t forget to use /sethome so you can return to your base.
  • Removed player head drops.
    • This will probally come back in the future.
  • The Survival portal now uses a new plugin
    • It now avoids placing you near towns or near the world border.
    • If you spawn in the water then you will automatically get a boat.
  • Buffed the Heavy Amor
    • It now has more armor points and armor toughness.
  • Reset Mob Arena leaderboard.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.

If you have any suggestions or problems, report them using /mail send raspen0 (message) or by using the contact form on this site.
I’ll see the reports from the contact form faster since they are send to my mail.


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