1.12 Update

The server is now updated to 1.12.

The Survival world has also been reset.
There are a lot of changes like the new shop system and new plot plugin.
Here’s a overview of all the changes:

  • Updated to 1.12
  • New Shop System
    • You now need to unlock items by picking up, crafting or smelting one of them first before you can buy or sell them.
    • Added and removed a lot of items (If you want a item added to the shop then send it as a suggestion).
    • The Shops are now handled by my custom plugin so report any bugs you see.
    • The shop is now fully in both English and Dutch depending on your language setting.
    • All Enchants in the shop except Soul Eater now require Soul Points instead of Credits.
    • You now need to be at least a Expert to use the Enchantment Shop.
    • Moved the Soul Eater and Soul Protection enchantments to the Enchantment Shop.
    • Removed the Potion Shop
      • Will probably come back later.
    • Removed the Decoration Shop
      • It was a bit vague what items belonged in Building and which in Decoration.
    • Added a General Shop
      • There are items in this shop that don’t belong in the other shops.
    • Separated the Soul Points -> Credits Exchange Point from the Soul Shop.
  • Added Towny to /help.
  • Rank Changes
    • The ranks have been renamed:
      • Newbie -> Novice
      • Member stays the same
      • Member+ -> Expert
      • Elite -> Veteran
    • If you’ve played on the previous map, then your rank and time played will be applied when you join.
    • Moved over to a new permissions plugin
      • If you don’t have permission for something that you are supposed to have, please report it.
    • You now get colored fireworks when you rank up
      • The first color depends on the rank you got
      • The second color depends if you’re a Donator or not.
  • The Charm of Keeping now only works if you have it on your hotbar when you die.
  • Converted the plot world to a new plot plugin
    • For the new commands, check /help plots
    • All claimed plots will now have a quartz slab border, the unclaimed plots will still have the same border.
      • This helps see which plots are claimed.
    • Members and higher can now set time, weather and music for their plots.
    • You can now download plots to your PC as a .schematic file
      • These files are usable in programs like MCEdit.
    • You can now place Mob Heads again.
  • Added new Starter Packs for players of old maps.
    • You will get a different Starter Pack depending on how many previous worlds you’ve played.
    • Make the Durable Leather armor a bit stronger.
    • Added a new Reinforced Chainmail Armor Set for people who played on the previous 3 or 4 maps.
  • Temporarily disabled respawning at your bed.
    • This is due to a item duplication glitch.
    • It will be re-enabled when the glitch is fixed.
    • Don’t forget to use /sethome so you can return to your base.
  • Removed player head drops.
    • This will probally come back in the future.
  • The Survival portal now uses a new plugin
    • It now avoids placing you near towns or near the world border.
    • If you spawn in the water then you will automatically get a boat.
  • Buffed the Heavy Amor
    • It now has more armor points and armor toughness.
  • Reset Mob Arena leaderboard.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.

If you have any suggestions or problems, report them using /mail send raspen0 (message) or by using the contact form on this site.
I’ll see the reports from the contact form faster since they are send to my mail.


The Soul Update is Live!

The Soul Update is now live!

Sorry for the long delay, i was busy with my summer job so i didn’t have time to work in the update.
Besides the update to Minecraft 1.10, lots of server features have been added.

  • General
    • The Survival world size has been increased.
    • The Nether and The End have been reset.
    • New /help command
      • Contains info about all the server features
      • All the info is in both English and Dutch dependent on your set language.
      • You use it by using /help and then clicking in chat.
    • New MOTD when you login
    • Changed the color of the mail command to match color of other messages.
    • Choosing your language should be less buggy
    • If a special item (Charm of Keeping, Special Armor) does not match your language then you can throw it on the ground and pick it up to update the language.
    • Donators can now fly at Spawn
    • You now need to play 40 hours to get the Elite rank.
      • Was previously 30 hours.
    • The chat now shows the correct world name
      • Now shows Nether instead of survival_nether
  • New Feature: Soul Points
    • You get them if you kill mobs and players with the new Soul Eater enchant.
      • You can get this enchant in the new Soul Point Shop.
      • You need to be Member+ or higher to use this.
    • You can see how many you have in the sidebar
    • You can use them to buy special items and buy Spawner Mobs.
    • You get 1 Soul Point for Passive Mobs and 2-3 Soul Points for Hostile Mobs
      • The Wither gives you 50 Points and the Ender Dragon gives you 100 Points
    • When you kill a player with the Soul Eater Enchant, then 20% of their Soul Points is stolen from them.
      • You can reduce this with the new Soul Protection Enchant
        • You can buy this enchant from the Soul Point Shop using Soul Points
        • This will reduce the amount by 5% per armor piece enchanted.
        • So with a full enchanted set you don’t lose any points.
    • Spawned mobs from Spawners don’t give you any Soul Points
    • You can exchange Soul Points for Credits in the Soul Point Shop.
      • Exchange rate of 25:100
    • You can buy permenent heart increases in the Soul Point Shop.
      • Max 10 extra hearts, so a extra health bar.
    • You can buy 3 days of Double Soul Points in the webshop.
      • It costs $2 (Real Money)
      • When you buy it everyone on the server gets it.
  • New Spawner System
    • Existing Spawner Protections are automaticlly converted over to the new system.
    • Spawners now have a menu
      • You can open this by right-clicking a spawner you own.
      • Here you can change the current mob, change the owner of the spawner and give other players access to it.
    • Spawners are now less expensive
    • All Spawner Mobs are not directly availible anymore, you now need to unlock them.
      • You do this by firstly killing a type of mob with a weapon enchanted with Soul Eater
      • Then it will become availible in the Spawner Shop where you can buy it using Soul Points.
      • After that you can use the mob in Spawners.
  • New Feature: The Arena
    • Located at the back of the Spawn
    • The type changes every month.
    • The current type is a Mob Arena

      • You have to kill endless waves of mobs
      • You get Credits, Soul Points and speleical items by clearing waves.
      • For more info look in /help
  • Removed: Vote Rewards
    • Sadly, due to Mojang EULA changes it isn’t allowed to give away gameplay affecting items via voting anymore.
    • I will look into new rewards and a new way to get the Poking Stick.
  • Plots Changes
    • Elite players can now use WorldEdit on their plots.
    • Donators can now claim a second plot.
  • Planned features:
    • I’m planning to redo the shop so it supports both English and Dutch
      • So if you want a price changed or item removed/added now is the time to tell me.
    • I’m planning to use a new plots plugin
      • But for that the existing plots world needs to be reset.
      • If you want to keep your plot, tel me and i’ll move it over when i reset the world.
    • If something doesn’t work correctly or you have new ideas for the server then tell me.
      • You can use the contact form on this site or send me a mail in-game (raspen0)

1.9 Changes

The server will be reset coming Tuesday (1 March) and there will be some changes to the server:
Here’s a list of notable changes:

  • Factions / Towny:

    • Factions has been removed and has been replaced with Towny.
      • Towny has a lot of simularities with Factions
      • You can create a Town and players can join your town.
      • You can expand your land by buying more plots of land, the more players join your town, the more land you can buy.
      • You have to pay  a certain amount of money each day in order to keep your town.
      • The other members of your town also have to pay tax to you, you can set how much tax other members have to pay
      • You can also start a Nation together with other Towns.
      • I’ll make a detailed post about Towny after the reset.
  • Skyblock:

    • Skyblock has been removed
      • Might be re-added at a later point
  • Ranks:

    • The time requirement to become a Member+ has been increased from 15 hours to 20 hours.
    • A new rank above Member+ called Elite
      • You need to have played 30 hours to become a Elite
    • You need to be a Elite to use redstone in the plot world
      • Previously you needed Member+ for this.
    • The names of Donators are no longer yellow, they are now the color of your normal rank (Newbie, Member, Member+ or Elite)
      • They do still have their prefixes.
  • Spawn: 

    • Completely new  spawn
      • Made by Hidduscus
  • Voting:

    • Vote Rewards have been rewritten
    • Current vote rewards:
      • 5 XP Levels
      • Enchanted Golden Apple
      • 200 Credits (You have 10% chance to get another 100 Credits on top of this)
      • 3 Bread
    • Every 20 votes you get a Poking Stick
      • A special stick with knockback 10 on it
      • You can only use it 10 times before it breaks
      • You can see in the item description how many hits are left
  • Custom Item:

    • A new custom item called: “The Amulet of Keeping”
      • If you die when you have this item in your inventory, then you will keep your items.
      • This item will break after use.
      • Players who played on the old map will get this when they join.
      • You can find this item in dungeon chests.
  • Spawners

    • The /spawner command is now handeled by a custom made plugin
      • With this others can’t edit your spawner if its protected.
    • Removed some mobs from the /spawner list

The plot world will be reset at a later point.
There are improvements planned such as bigger plots and using worldedit on your plot (Elite)

Players who played on the server in the last 60 days will have their playtime carried over to the new map.

1.8.3 and Donator Statues

The server has been updated to Minecraft 1.8.3.
You could already connect with 1.8.3 before, but now all the 1.8.3 bugfixes are applied to the server.
Hopefully this will fix the Plot Dupe Glitch.

We’ve also added Donator Statues to spawn.
People who donate will get a Statue of them, this will not go automatically so if you donate you might have to wait a few days for when we have time.


1.8 Map

The new 1.8 map is live 😀

The  map now has 1.8 generation such as the new stones and Water Temples.
Because of this you require 1.8.0 or 1.8.1 to connect.

The Spawn

The Spawn was made smaller, the shops are now in the basement of the spawnbuilding.
The only way to get into the survival world is via the Random Teleporter, so there wont be a lot of block towers, etc at one location
The Mobarena has been temporary removed and will return on a later date


Autorank is a new plugin on Stirebuild
You rank up and get extra permissions based on how long you’ve played

Currently there are 3 Ranks: Newbie, Member and Member+

You begin as Newbie
You have the default permissions

After that is Member
As a Member you can use the Shops and get Heads from Mobs And Players you kill.
You need to have played 5 hours to get this rank.

After that is Member+
As a Member+ you can use the Spawner Shop (When it’s ready)
Use /workbench and /enderchest
And use Redstone on plots.
You need to have played 10 hours to get this rank.

There are more things planned for the ranks
If you have suggestions about things we should add to ranks, send a mail using the contact form here
Send a tweet to @stirebuild on twitter
Or send a ingame mail using /mail send raspen0

I hope you have a fun time on the server


1.8 update and Bukkit Drama

Most people may already know about the whole Bukkit drama if not see here.

Due to DMCA claim, Bukkit, Spigot and Claudron downloads have been removed and are currently unavailable.

I don’t know when a version of 1.8 for bukkit / spigot is going to be available, but it could take a while.

Spigot has actually found a way around the claim and made a patcher to give out updates
They also made a Spigot version that accepts both 1.7 and 1.8 players, (it doesn’t add the 1.8 blocks or items)
A lot of servers have already moved over to that version but Stirebuild hasn’t because it messes with a couple of plugins such as the BossBar Message plugin, this problem should be fixed in a Minecraft 1.8.X update.

Also a lot of modders and programmers from the Minecraft Community have come together and started a new Minecraft Server Project called Sponge.
It will build of MinecraftForge and will work in a similar way as Bukkit regarding plugins. Sponge Website
Stirebuild may move over to Sponge when its stable, there is enough support for it and when other big servers move over as well.
But we’ll have to see in the future



We’re planning to do a map reset when 1.8 is out,
This is because of all the new worldgen added in 1.8 such as Water Temples and the new types of stone.

We’re also going to make the spawn better on the new 1.8 map.
For example we are going to change the shop from Signs to instead having a Villager shop,
There will be one Villager per category (Build, Redstone, etc)
You will be able to click on the Villager and that will open a shop GUI where you can buy and sell stuff.
This will be much less laggy then the signs.

We are also going to implement a AutoRank system.
Originally there were some features that you could only get by Donating, but due to the new Minecraft EULA a lot of them had to be removed.
So instead i’m planning to give extra features depending on how long you have played.
I will also limit a couple of things to people who have played longer such as using Redstone in the Plot World and changing Spawner Types after you’ve placed them.
I’ll maybe also limit the shop to those who have played 2 hours so people don’t just mine some cobblestone and then sell it to buy the other stuff.

This doesn’t mean that Donator ranks will dissapear, there will be more cosmetic features exclusive to Donators.
If you’ve got a idea for new features for Donator ranks, for the AutoRank or to improve the server, please send me a message here

I’m also going to work on the MobArena to make it more enjoyable.
I’m also probally going to disable TNT grieving so there won’t be big craters in the world.
But i might enable Mob Griefing again so you’re extra careful about Creepers 😀

Also our host recently changed its name from ProMinecraftHost to BisectHosting so if you can’t find it thats the reason, here’s a referral link to the hosts main page.

I’ve also been busy lately with modded minecraft, i’ve made a Public FTB modpack called Stirecraft.
If you like to play it here is a link to the FTB forum page or if you want to directly begin, the Private Pack Code is FTB-StireCraft
NOTE: This will not affect the server, the server will stay Vanilla, Stirecraft and Stirebuild are two diffrent things, the modpack is just another project of mine.

I will also post tweets on the Stirebuild twitter of the update progress once 1.8 comes out,

I hope you read trough all that :),
If you have any questions send them to me here or send a tweet to the Stirebuild twitter,


Donations and Survey

If you follow any Mojang employings on twitter you may already have seen the drama surrounding Server Donations.

Mojang recently pointed out that giving people items when they donate is not a donation but a purchase.
And that that’s against Minecraft’s EULA.

Yesterday mojang decided that servers can give people something in return for donating, but that it has to be only cosmetic and not gameplay affecting.
If you want to read more into it here is the Official Mojang post about it: https://mojang.com/2014/06/lets-talk-server-monetisation/

So I’ve removed all the things from the buycraft store and made a new Donator Rank which doesn’t go against the Minecraft EULA.
There’s currently only the $5 Donator Rank because i’m still testing around with it to see if people like it.

The new Donator Rank still has the ability to use colors in chat and on signs, prefix in chat, /nick and the Extra Rank in the Mob Arena
The extra rank in the mob arena has a horse so it may seem gameplay affecting but using a horse in the Mob Arena isn’t really beneficial.

New to the Donator Rank is the ability to wear blocks as hats, You can either use the hat command while holding the block or you can just put the block in your head armor slot.
You now also have Particle Trails where you walk. You have Feet Trails wich leaves Particles where you walk, and you have Head Trails wich always gives off particles
You can access the particle menu using /trail

I also closed the Survey.
Most people seem to find the spawn hard to navigate so i’m planning to work on the spawn once 1.8 comes out. I also plan to rebuild the shop because its really laggy right now.
The question if i should do a world reset when 1.8 comes out seems to be exacly 50/50, so i might do another poll for that or just not do a reset and wait for new years with it so we could do yearly resets.

If anyone has anymore ideas for the Donator Rank or Higher Ranks (Donator+, Donator_Premium)
Then send me a mail using the contact form here and put the suggestion in the message field.